Our Location

Buena Vista boasts an enviable location in the vibrant Morne Rouge neighborhood, in the heart of Grand Anse, just 20 minutes away from the captivating St. George’s. The serene beaches of Grand Anse and Rouge Bay are within easy reach, inviting you to embrace the beauty of Grenada’s coastal splendor. Our central location ensures convenient access to local amenities, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, doctors office, dental, home goods, hardware, gym, parks, banks, malls, dining, beach bars and the cultural richness of Grenada.

Buena Vista is strategically located to cater to the SGU community. Enjoy the convenience of proximity to the university campus while residing in a peaceful and picturesque neighborhood. Our apartments offer a tranquil retreat for students, faculty, and staff, allowing for a perfect balance between academic pursuits and the rejuvenating environment of Morne Rouge.