About Grenada

Discover Grenada - Spice of the Caribbean

Welcome to Grenada, a pristine gem in the heart of the Caribbean that captivates the senses with its natural beauty, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. Nestled in the southeastern Caribbean Sea, Grenada is known as the "Spice Isle" for its lush landscapes, fragrant spice plantations, and inviting shores. Grenada including all its others islands (Carriacou & Petite Martinique) is 344 km2 (133 sq. miles). It has a population of about 110,000 people. Its Capital is St. George’s.


Grenada boasts a diverse topography that ranges from rainforests to volcanic craters, creating a stunning backdrop for exploration. Immerse yourself in the Grand Etang National Park, where waterfalls cascade through the verdant terrain, or hike to the summit of Mount St. Catherine for breathtaking panoramic views of the island.

Pure grenada

Grenada is a haven for adventure seekers, beckoning with a myriad of thrilling experiences including hiking through untouched rainforests, journeying to the summit of breathtaking mountain peaks and diving into the crystal-clear pools of our 14 waterfalls.

Whether you’re a beach dweller yearning for sun-kissed sands, a family in search of fun and adventure, or a couple dreaming of a romantic getaway or a destination wedding, Grenada has something special to offer. The island paradise also beckons to those seeking a break from the demands of everyday life. For this we recommend a laid-back day on our world famous gorgeous Grand Anse beach with a cocktail in hand.

Beaches of Paradise

Indulge in the beauty of Grenada's beaches, where soft white sands meet crystal-clear turquoise waters. From the iconic Grand Anse Beach, consistently ranked among the best in the Caribbean, to the secluded beauty of Morne Rouge Bay, each shoreline invites relaxation and water-based adventures.

Spice Capital

Grenada is renowned for its spice production, and a visit to the spice plantations is a journey for the senses. Explore the fragrant nutmeg, cinnamon, and cocoa plantations, and witness the traditional spice processing methods that have earned Grenada its nickname as the "Island of Spice."

Cultural Riches

Grenada's cultural tapestry is woven with influences from African, French, British, and Caribbean traditions. Experience the lively rhythms of Calypso and Soca music, savor the flavors of Creole cuisine, and participate in local festivals that showcase the island's vibrant spirit.





Grenada, known as the "Spice Isle," offers a delightful array of activities and attractions for visitors. Here are some things to do in Grenada:

Visit Grand Anse Beach

Enjoy the stunning white sands and turquoise waters of one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches.

Explore the Spice Market in St. George's

Immerse yourself in the vibrant colours and aromas of the local spices, including nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves.

Tour the Grenada Chocolate Company

Indulge your sweet tooth with a tour of a cocoa plantation and learn about the chocolate-making process.


Explore Underwater Sculpture Park

Snorkel or dive in the world’s first underwater sculpture park, showcasing unique art installations beneath the crystal-clear waters.


Tour the River Antoine Rum Distillery

Learn about the traditional rum-making process at one of the oldest functioning distilleries in the Caribbean.

Visit Concord Waterfall

Discover the beauty of Concord Waterfall, a three-tiered cascade surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

Take a sailing trip to the Grenadines

Explore nearby islands like Carriacou and Petite Martinique on a sailing adventure.